HydraMaster TITAN575
回収タンク=70ガロン 汚水自動排出ポンプ付 搭載費用が別途必要となります Subcategory: Slide In Dimensions: 26"W x 39"H x 45"D Weight: 900 lbs Engine: WG 972 Kubota 32.5HP liquid cooled Ignition: Electric keyless start Vacuum Blower: Competitor 4007 Tri-Lobe, HydraMaster exclusive  design, 400+ cfm, dual oil bath Pump: 4.0 gpm plunger pump, 1,200 psi heated, 2,000 psi unheated  (with optional kit), electric clutch control Max Temp: 265° F Chemical System: Last-step chemical injection, meter controlled Heating System: Tube and fin heat exchanger with ADC temperature control Recovery Tank: 70 gallon MaxAir™ recovery tank; aluminum, baked-on powder coated finish, includes stainless steel filter and filter basket Solution Hose Length: 100 ft x 1/4" Vacuum Hose Length: 100 ft x 2" Wand Capacity: Dual Fuel Consumption: 1.6 gph Uses: Residental and Large Commercial  納期に付いてはご相談下さい


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